Covid 19  important update:

 We will carry out your sweep in full PPE 

We respectfully ask that are customers open window(s) at least one hour before the  scheduled appointment slot to allow the room(s) to be as well ventilated as possible.

– Remove all objects, such as ornaments, pokers, fuel etc, from the fireside/hearth area

– Clean the fireplace area (stove door handles, the stove itself, the hearth etc)

– Allow a clear, uninterrupted passage from the main entrance into your property through to the fireplace area. Remove any furniture (coffee tables etc) which are in the way of this route

– Ensure a plug socket (extension lead if necessary) is available next to the hearth area.

Social distancing must be respected at all times during the visit. Customers will be asked to vacate the room during the sweeping process.

Windows should remain open for at least one hour after we have vacated.

Transactions will take place at the end of the appointment.

IMPORTANT: You must NOT book an appointment if you or any person in your household has either Coronavirus (Covid-19), appears to have symptoms relating to the virus or are shielding because they are in a vulnerable group. If this happens once an appointment has been booked, you must notify us immediately.

Nikki & Phil

About us

Professional chimney sweeps, Nikki and Phil. 

We are based  in Sussex, and we are both dedicated to delivering a flexible and convenient service to our customers. 

We offer chimney cleaning, using both traditional and modern sweep methods. 

We also supply a comprehensive maintenance service; please see information. under Maintenance. 

Free estimates arranged on request. 


Why us

We are passionate about delivering a quality  service at a time that is convenient for our Customers; both Residential and Commercial properties swept to leave you happy, in the knowledge that your appliances are safe and ready to use. 

All our work is undertaken to a high standard, and we have full public liability insurance and are trained by the Guild of Master Sweeps. We are both IOSH and Health & Saftey certified, with enhanced DBS check.

All works will be safety checked, and a certificate issued.

  •  Visual inspection of chimney pot and stack on arrival at property
  •  Clean sheets for floor and furniture and the right equipment for the job
  • Brush & Vacuum service,( Brushes always used)
  • Up draught check to ensure the smoke is exiting the correct chimney pot and your home effectively. 

 We pride ourselves on leaving our customers homes clean and tidy .

Free friendly advice on all aspects of chimney services provided. We will listen to your needs. 

"We will promise you a good  Sweep"

Why you should Sweep ?

Home office National Statistics and the Goverment Clean Air Strategy 2019

Over the last three years there have been over 8000 Chimney fires in England

The Clean Air Strategy educates people; who are owners of domestic burners to the aspects of people's personal exposure to pollutants in the home, and the emissions of these pollutants to the environment.  

We understand the importance that good burner maintenance and regular sweeping is therefore key in promoting your personal well-being and that of the environment. 

Fire Safety

The occurrence of chimney fires, highlights the importance of ensuring that all chimneys are swept at least once a year by a qualified chimney sweep.  The regularity of how often a chimney is swept is determined by what you use as a fuel, and the quality of the fuel. Please refer to the Burnright information below.

A chimneys primary function is to carry dangerous flue gasses (carbon monoxide) safely from the property,  and this is achieved by regular sweeps, to ensure the clearance of any obstructions; such as birds nests, soot and Creosote.  

Landlords Responsibilities

Landlords will often contact Chimney sweeps to arrange chimney cleaning and repair on behalf of their tenants.

It is the Landlords legal responsibility to ensure the safety, working and servicing of all heating installations. 

This refers to open fires, Rayburn Aga's, coal and wood burning stoves.  



Residential and Commercial Chimney & Log burner/Stove Sweeps

Sussex super sweeps offer chimney cleaning and repair to all residential and commercial properties. 

Multiple chimney sweeps are offered at a discounted rate.

All work is  undertaken to a high  standard. 

 It is fair to say that all chimneys are different in one way or another, so here we have tried, as far as reasonably possible, to provide a pricing structure that is totally transparent so there’s no unexpected surprises.


Please see below our Service and Pricing details as well as our Terms & Conditions:

Domestic Chimney Sweeping – subject to postcode-from £50 per each standard sized flue serving normal open fires and lined stoves found in most domestic properties. (We are always happy to offer a small price discount for multiple sweeps within the same property, (i.e. 2 or more sweeps). This price is the same whether it is a single or two storey property etc. This service includes a prior visual inspection, a full chimney sweep carried out  and the issuing of a  Receipt / Certificate of works,  Lined multi fuel stoves/woodburners and lined/unlined open fires are all included within this scope and includes a smoke evacuation check as part of the process. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below)


Unlined Stoves – subject to postcode - from £60 These are multi-fuel stoves/woodburners which can only be swept through openings/removable hatches on the register plate (this is the large sheet of metal which stops you being able to look up the chimney), or by removing the flue pipe to access the chimney. These appliances do not have a continuous length of flue liner attached to the flue pipe. The reason this service is a little more expensive is because it takes us longer to carry out the work as the soot is more difficult to remove as it gets lodged on the plate above the chimney opening. The same certificate of chimney sweeping will be issued on completion as well as a smoke evacuation check. If you are unsure whether your appliance is lined or unlined, we would quote worst case scenario. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below)

Pre- appliance Installation Sweep– subject to postcode -from £60 This service takes place before a new appliance is fitted. This is to ensure the flue is clear of any remaining soot deposits and, if a liner is being fitted, confirms both a clear passage and determines the length of the flue which is invaluable information for the person carrying out the installation work. This information will be detailed on the chimney sweeping certificate. If instead, your flue is going to be permanently closed off, this service will reduce the risk of damp and staining within the chimney caused by any residual soot deposits in the flue. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below).

Large Inglenook Open Fire Sweeping Service – subject to postcode -from £80 depending on the size of the opening into the room. Normally this is a fireplace opening over 6ft in width. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below).

 Bird’s Nest Removal – subject to postcode - from £100 - £200 This process is carried out using our specialist power assisted chimney sweeping equipment which can remove all nests with minimum disruption, and has no impact on the structure of the flue. All nest removals include a standard none recording CCTV "Look & See" inspection to confirm that the flue is clear of debris. Upon completion, we would recommend fitting bird proofing/or a suitable terminal to the chimney pot to prevent nesting happening again.  

Does Your Pizza Oven Need To Be Swept?

Whilst it may seem unusual to sweep the chimney of a pizza oven it produces the same byproducts of combustion as any domestic fire.

The chimney of a commercial pizza oven flue will need to be swept at least once per year, if not more. This can be influenced by how long and frequently pizza ovens are left burning & they may even need to be swept as soon as every 12 weeks; burning up to 12 hours every day for up to 7 days a week-along with a much larger fuel load which can cause a rapid accumulation of soot, ash & creosote.

Sweeping a pizza oven flue is both similar & different from sweeping a standard fireplace. Pizza ovens are much larger than residential fireplaces, which means that they take longer to clean & may require specialised brushes. The much larger fuel loads, longer burning periods and presence of food particles can all necessitate longer chimney sweeps.

When we are not busy sweeping: We offer lucky sweep's wedding hire

Its your special day and you want to have as much luck as you can to start your life together 

Why not have two lucky chimney sweeps at  your ceremony......

As the tale is told King George II was walking  along a London street with his entourage when a carriage, out of control headed straight for him. A Chimney Sweep happened to be near by and pushed the King out of the way, saving his life.

King George  was so grateful for the act he invited the Chimney Sweep to his daughters wedding , declaring Chimney Sweeps to be lucky and that they would be the only service profession to be allowed to wear top hats, which were previously only worn by gentry.

We offer our services as a  couple to attend  your wedding  dressed as traditional sweeps to bring you luck and a gift for the Bride and Groom 

Price from £125.00


Fire / CO2 detectors supplied and fitted


A dangerous level of CO can occour if an appliance is faulty or badly maintained, if a flue is blocked or if a room is inadequately ventilated.

To avoid the risk of CO poisoning, ensure fossil fuel burning appliances are serviced regularly and install a CO alarm.

Supplied and fitted from £30

CCTV Chimney surveys

There are a number of advantages and uses for this type of survey for chimney cleaning and repair.

Chimney sweeps may require further investigation of your flue.

Firstly we can use the camera in order to identify problems that we encounter within the chimney itself. For instance, if we were sweeping a chimney and we find an obstruction or a narrowing of the chimney flue, it would help us determine the best course of action to take to remedy the problem.

Secondly, If we encounter a nest in the chimney, by carrying out a CCTV inspection after we can be sure that whole nest has been removed. Damage can occur at any time in a chimney flue which may just be due to age and general wear and tear but also chimney fires can cause massive amounts of damage to your home.

Surveys from £70

Stove Servicing & Maintanance


Stove Servicing and Maintenance: We offer the following as part of this service:-

Stove rope replacement (single door) – from £20  

Stove rope replacement (double door) – from £30

Glass cleaning – from £5 (only available as part of a sweep)  

Glass fitting service (Excludes price of glass) - from £20

Flue pipe re-rope/fire cement (only as part of a sweep) - from £15

Black stove polish (only available as part of a sweep) – from £25

Stove Pipe Thermometers - from £18Wood Moisture Meters - from £25

We can also supply new stove glass, fire grates/bars, ashcans, fire bricks and baffle/throat plates. Whilst we do carry  stock on the vehicle, some items will need to be specially ordered from the suppliers. Prices vary depending on the make and model of the appliance. With glass replacement, it may not be possible to remove the retaining screws/clips that hold the glass in place due to deterioration caused by either the fuel or heat. In such circumstances this may require the door(s) having to be taken into our workshop for specialist work. – Please enquire for more details.


Bioethanol stoves supplied and fitted

The Bio-ethanol fireplace is ventless due to the fuel, bio ethanol. Bio-ethanol is a renewable source of energy,  which is made by the fermentation of sugars and starch from plants. Bio-ethanol is therefore a clean fuel, which is eco-friendly.  

As opposed to wood burning  and multi fuel burning  fires  no dangerous particles are emitted, and the emissions are primarily composed of water and heat.

No external extraction is therefore required, so no flue or vent.

With a Bio-ethanol fireplace it allows for a versatile feature, that can be installed in any room, or redundant Fire place offering a cosy and warm focal point. 

Supplied and fitted from £500

Please ask for further details.

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